It’s Officiallly Over And Chris Brown Accuses Karuecche Of Going On Secret Dates With Drake

Chris Brown and Karuecche love story has indeed come to a halt. We never knew it was going to end soon. We all thought there was even going to be a wedding but it appears Chris couldn’t hold on to the bullshit he was getting from Karueche any longer.

For those who had been praying, well Chris Brown is single again, and perhaps his own song “Loyal” is a reflection of what he had to go through each time he dates a girl. They ain’t loyal. In an instagram post, he accused Karrueche of going on secret dates with drake and throwing parties. One could sense the pain, Chris Brown had endured during his four months period in prison. Chris Brown also mentioned that, Karuecche had only visited him only once in prison and that’s something that hurts him most, when he took her as a nobody and turned her into somebody. Well see the screenshots of what Chris Brown and Karuecche had to say below

chris-brownss csc


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