Okailey Verse(OV) explains what inspires her to dress like a boy

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In our modern-day society, it’s common to tag people who try to live the opposite life with all sort of names. We always tend to find faults with whatever they do and one of them is when we find ladies within our communities who dress like a guy, we label such people as a lezbi@n. the same goes to the opposite s3x.

In this has BHIM Nation’s lioness and winner of MTN hitmaker 2018, Okailey Verse aka OV, has debunked rumours of her been a lezbi@n.

Unlike most ladies, her preference for the masculine dressing style has caught the attention of many and clarifying her stand on her choice of dressing in an interview with Amansan Krakye of Radio Central fame in Cape Coast, OV said: “That’s what I prefer. I won’t complain if I see a man dressed girlishly because that’s what makes that man feel comfortable.

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I have always loved wearing jeans n shirts. My late brother taught me that and ever since I have loved it that way. It’s not as if am doing that in honour of my late bro but that’s part of my brand”

The ‘Want Me’ hitmaker also responding to the issue of not linking up more with other female musicians in the Ghanaian industry noted that she been a girl doesn’t guarantee she will always be seen around female musicians and celebrities alike.

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“Oh the fact that am a woman doesn’t mean I should always be seen with female celebs.

It is music that we’re all doing as and when the need be to do features with other female musicians no problem we’ll definitely link up”.

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