Omahene’s Sad Story: Any Lesson For Today’s Artistes?

Sad reports which filtered in last week says once vibrant hiplife artiste Omahene Pozo is in a precarious situation. The report says he needs a whopping ¢30,000 to enable him have a successful undergo a brain surgery.

The musician is currently on admission at the Neuro Surgical Ward of the 37 Military Hospital and is awaiting a date for the surgerysum of money to undergo surgery to remove a tumour in his head.

The situation is so bad that his wife has sold his car to raise just a fraction of the amount expected. The report also said the Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO) lead by administrator, Agya Abraham and First Vice Chairman of the association, Ahmed Banda aka Bandex last week presented an undisclosed amount of money (via Sidney, who was also a member of Nananom) to support him

The rapper is one of the pioneers of the hiplife genre, having teamed with Syndey and Jotti to form one of the first hiplife groups. He is famed for collaborating with highlife musicians to bring their music back to life, as it were.

As it has been the norm of hiplife artistes, he didn’t shine for too long. He soon went to hibernation until recently when this sad news about him popped up. In my article concerning Okalla, I strongly posited that there should be fund to cater for issues like this. It will simply be out of place for musicians to die of ailments as a result of their inability to pay hospital bills.

Musicians should know the dynamics of life and invest heavily at the time that they are vibrant and amassing wealth. They should also realise the benefit of insurance which guarantees back up in turbulent moments like this. The opulence lifestyle, where money accrued from merchandise and sales of albums are wasted on frivolous things (women, booze and cars) should be stopped immediately. My caution does not necessarily mean that is what has culminated in the rapper’s situation.

I humbly appeal to all musicians who are making big presently to their colleague to see him undergo the surgery successfully. He has laid the foundation for the present crop of artistes.


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