“Once A Guy Decides To Lose His Beard, He Will Also Be Losing About 70% Of Women” – Beverly Naya

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British Nigerian actress, Beverly Naya has taken a walk into how women are attracted to men with beards in recent times.

The actress took to social media stating that women are now attached to men with beards hence the men lose almost all the women if one decides to lose the beard.

In these modern days, about 90 percent of men have grown their beards just to get attracted to women so men without beards are tagged “Not Handsome” in society.

This has however made Beverly Naya decided to add her voice to it stating that once a guy loses his beard he’s also be losing about 70% of the women he has.

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In her words, “Once a guy decides to lose his beard, he’d also be losing about 70% of the women who are physically attracted to him.

Better to not have a beard and gain a woman’s attraction than to have grown one, cut it and then lose her desire for you altogether lol.”

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