“Only Broke Girls Date Multiple Guys”-Erigga says

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Nigerian rapper Erigga has given his opinion about the class of girls that normally like to date multiple guys.

For some reason, some girls do not just have that ability to stick to one guy out there as their own.

If Erriga’s assertion is anything to go by as to the kind of girls that normally engage in that, it won’t be so difficult to understand why they do that.

According to Erriga, it is only broke girls who date multiple guys because they can not simply stick to one person.

One wouldn’t struggle to find a reason why broke girls date many guys.

Sticking to one guy means that they will only have one source of income which will not suffice them, and to make up for that, they need to add more boyfriends so that they can get multiple outlets, in case the funds don’t come from one place, the others will be at hand to cover up.

According to Erigga, every girl that cheats on her boyfriend is hungry, if it were not so, they should just be able to stick to one person.

“Only broke girls date more than one guy!!! Every cheating girl Issa hungry bae. Don’t argue with me … we no be mate,” he wrote on Twitter.

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