An Open Letter To Sarkodie And His New Found Love Shatta Wale

Before you begin reading, bare in mind this is just an opinion. The love is still there. We speak our minds, we move on, we cant keep issues within us, it will just kill us. We got brother love for both of them still.

This is not an attack to any of the artistes please. It is my opinion concerning the kind of hatred they have developed for the media, whom aside God, has been the basis of their fame.

Just recently, two of our most popular artistes at the moment, Sarkodie and Shatta Wale  made the media in Ghana a topic of discussion on their lips.

These two superstars are refusing to give back the level of respect we have for them. Forgetting our radio, tv and other platforms contributed to the level of fame they both have.

Starting from Sarkodie, who released his new song some hours ago titled Free Press, the artiste degraded the Ghanaian media, saying the media in Ghana is not supporting the stars we have. This is a way to prove how ungrateful he can be to the media after promoting his songs, music videos, granting interviews, writing for him and all that.

Most people believe Sarkodie who was one of the most respected acts in the industry has changed ever since he started rolling with Shatta Wale. It is obvious that the Sarkodie we used to know some years ago during the time he was hanging out with Obrafour has submerged to the level of Shatta Wale.

Sarkodie doesnt mind paying a bodyguard from Ghana to L.A all in the name of branding for BET and yet he refuses to pay big bloggers and great Publicists like Ameyaw Debrah, Chris Handler, Adeyemi Victor, Paa Kwasi,  Zion Felix, Cypress Ghana, Nana Kwasi, George Britton, Nii Atakora, Osarfo Anthony, Ebenezer Donkoh, William Beeko, Ama Larbie, Bruno Denise, to mention but few to follow him to events and cover up everything he does over there.

The big question is, Is Sarkodie expecting these writers to book a flight and follow him to L.A when no one including himself has invited them to be there? Even a very popular blogger Linda Ikeji, wont go to L.A just to cover BET for Wizkid, Davido, Ice Prince and the rest of her Naija Celebrities all at her own expenses.

Truth is, a good and a popular musician like Sarkodie should by now be with a very good PR who will follow him to such events. But the fact is,  he doesnt have any level of veneration for the media in Ghana, so he sees that to be a balderdash thing for him to do nevertheless he expects that same media to follow him to every place he goes. As if he is the one in charge of our monthly bills. Or as if anytime he wins an award he organizes a drink up party to show appreciation for our tweets, hype and all that.

He does none of this. We dont even need it because most of us including myself dont have time for such things.

And in return to what we have done for him so far, he makes us feel stupid just because he drunk the drug of fame.

Sarkodie woke up from the dream of a celebrity and without noticing God has been using the bloggers, djs, presenters,journalists,writers, etc who work tirelessly to get his fans updated all the time, he and his newly found lover, Shatta Wale wouldnt have been popularly known by the world.

They shouldn’t forget this, none of them would be widely known with just their facebook and twitter pages.

At least you can do mention the names of media guys, sites or houses directly when you have a problem with them but not to generalize your accusations.

Sarkodie is a failure to the media in Ghana. We are very much disappointed in him and we hope he is fully aware of what he said.

Now to one artiste by name Shatta Wale, who was arrested and warned by the police for using his local convoy from Ghana to disturb in USA, he doesnt understand why the media talked about it, so as the usual, he rewarded us with his most dearest word, PU**Y.

For Shatta Wale, i wont say much because he doesnt deserve any letters from me. I would rather use those words to draft an article for Tonto Dikeh who will at least tweet my stories to her followers and in addition, attracting more traffic and getting me online revenue from my website.

Shatta Wale should keep on with his impractical attitude. At least now he has someone who is on his level, Sarkodie. The two should keep dissing the media and before they will notice the mistake that has caused them, we will be there no more to listen to them.

Now we will know how to work from henceforth –  Deejay Burn da Hitmaker Deejay Ashmen Emmanuel Bossu Kule Arhin Fiifi Cudjoe Cape Threesixty George Mensah Britton William Huarache Cypress Ghana Nii Atakora Mensah Francis Banks Amissah Jnr,     Armani Derek Morrison and all of the hardworking guys in the game should from now know how to deal with any musician in or from Ghana.

They chase you when they need you, they see you as a fool when they start enjoying fame.

I quote Paa Kwasi – –

One thing that has motivated me a lot in life is, Mike Tyson’s life, dude actually made over $300Million, he was making over $30Million per fight even if he lost but later on, he lost all of that MONEY! When I see people (esp. Ghanaians and Africans) stunting and acting like they run the world coz of some lil money they have, I just shock! SMH … especially the popular people! Charley, there is nothing new under the sun, those u shit on today will be the ones u will cry to when ur DOWN!

I am not a hater to anyone. As Sarkodie said – Just spoke ma mind
I also say, Just spoke ma mind – read and dont hate me Mix Tape *Freedom Of Speech*

We still got brother love…


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