‘Our industry players should be ashamed that no Ghanaian genre is featured on digital music stores’ ­– Tengol fires

A digital music store is a business that sells digital audio files of music recordings over the Internet. Customers gain ownership of a license to use the files, in contrast to a music streaming service, where they listen to recordings without gaining ownership.

And the truth is that these digital music stores or platforms have successfully invaded the traditional territory of the “old economy” where cassettes, CDs and DVDs were the icing on the cake.

But per thorough checks made by Tengol, CEO of The Taste of Afrika, Ghana is losing out big time in every aspect of these digital music stores under discussion.

According to Tengol in a post on Facebook, “all musicians and all industry players in Ghana should bow their heads to shame for failing to have a Ghanaian genre or language in all the digital platforms”

To him, no traditional genre nor Ghana music is captured by these music aggregator platforms, therefore, it’s high time our industry players and gatekeepers stand up and fight for our culture and traditions else they’ll diminish completely.





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