Our producer, Kofi Nkosuo used, abused and misused all our money and opportunities – The Angels recounts painful treatment (+ video)

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The Angels

The cliché, “Black man black sense” sounds derogatory but taking into consideration the inhumane treatment meted out to Gospel musicians Portia and Linda who together form “The Angels” by their ex-producer, Kofi Nkosuo make the above cliché the hard truth.

In the early 2000s, The Angels, Gospel music group, was the icing on the cake as their names dominated all music platforms in the country. However, the happenings in their camp then was nothing to write home about.

The Angels
Portia Osei & Ama Linda (The Angels)

According to Linda and Portia (The Angels) in an exclusive interview with SeanCity TV hosted by Ruthy, the harsh treatment in their lifetime has to do with their experience in the hands of Kofi Nkosuo, the producer during the prime of their music career.

“We’ve regretted working with Kofi Nkosuo. Just that we don’t want to explain events to the latter. Even though he had his good side, the bad side outweighed his positives. He didn’t give us anything. We’ll never admit that he has made us who we’re now. We’ve regretted working with Kofi Nkosuo,” they fumed.

Perhaps the best description to the experience was that Kofi Nkosuo used, abused, and misused them in all aspects especially in the area of finance. Reason why they’ve regretted woefully having an encounter with the man under discussion.

Enough, the footage below has full details:


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