Ovalay Academy launched to empower creatives in Ghana (+ Full Gist

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Ovalay was created by Leslie Williams in august 2020 due to the scarcity of creative talent, and inadequacy of in-depth knowledge of designs.

Ovalay Academy is an online design educational platform that empowers creatives as they progress in their professional careers to do what they love best, therefore, bringing ideas to life.

Ovalay was created so that creative designers would get the training they need to be empowered and become successful. It was also created so that creative talents will be able to find their voice and hopefully craft a visual language for Africa.

On the 10th of October, a flagship product design course was introduced, which later became one of the popular courses. However, other courses are also offered like –

  • Product design for App and Website from the ground up
  • Webflow basics
  • UI2 Code for beginners: Creative journey from design to code.
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Visit Ovalay Academy https://ovalay.academy

Follow Ovalay Academy on social media on Twitter: @ovalay_ng

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Instagram: @Ovalay.academy

LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/company/ovalay




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