Pappy Kojo Discloses Why He Has Unfollowed Some 15,000 People On Twitter

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If Pappy Kojo used to follow you back on Twitter, then you must have noticed that he’s unfollowed you in a way you still don’t understand.

In an interview with Vanessa Gyan On Y-ired on YFM, the “Ay3 Late” singer, revealed that, he had to unfollow most people because his publicist advised him to do so.
According to him, his publicist advised him that following lots of people, was not good for him as a new and budding artist.
I’m very emotional and often got hurt at some of the bad mouths and hate messages that I constantly received from some of the people on Twitter.” he said
“I was advised the more I follow a lot of people, the more I will miss important tweets tweets from other inspirational people hence the reason for my action
He disclosed that, he had received lots of backlash after unfollowing most of his fans who follow him. Pappy Qojo currently follows just 293 people and is followed by some 21,000 people. What do you think? Drop your comments in the comments box.


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