Pappy Kojo hasn’t set any fashion trend in Ghana – Entertainment pundit fires

Popular entertainment pundit of Zylofon FM, Chief Charles has admonished that Ghanaian artiste, Pappy Kojo, hasn’t set any fashion trend as he claimed during an interview that he introduced modern fashion trends to Ghana.

The trendy rapper who was at the just ended Glitz Awards event to present an award told Ameyaw TV’s JQ that he feels Ghanaians do not get his fashion sense when asked if he feels he should have been nominated.

According to Chief Charles, Pappy might have made the comment sarcastically and should not be taken seriously because he cannot be considered a trendsetter as far as fashion in Ghana is concerned.

“If he says he brought fashion to Ghana, it’s like Kdei saying that he’s a highlife pioneer,” he stated.

In Chief Charles’ objection, notable people including KKD, Nat among others should rather be referred to as the trendsetters in Ghana.

“Seriously where are the KKDs, where are the 4X4s? So Pappy Kojo what is his fashion sense? How has he directed or how has he even chart a path or course in the fashion sense or in the way artistes or performers dress? What is his unique sense of dressing?

“When it comes to fashion, for one to be considered a trendsetter, that course or path you charted must have been followed by a significant amount of people. If you have a certain hairstyle and there are just about your friend and family who follows you or who does same, nobody can say it is a trendsetter. You have not set a trend. To set a trend, it must be followed by a significant amount of people”

“Maybe he was making it in a sarcastic sense because if you’re considering people who have set fashion trends in Ghana, he doesn’t make a 1 million list. If there are 1 million people who have set fashion trends in Ghana, Pappy Kojo won’t make it,” he said.

“In my opinion quite honestly he doesn’t make the list so whatever fashion sense he has, he may be a good dresser, he may have his own fashion but when we say fashion trendsetters I don’t consider him one,” he reiterated.


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