Patapaa is Illiterate, That’s Why He Speaks Like That – Former Manager

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Former manager of Patapaa Amisty has ‘lashed his boy’ for accusing him of cheating after his “One Corner” hit which was arguably the best at the time of released.

The “One Corner” tune became a household rhythm which showed indeed it was a big hit hence no one would doubt the fact that, it can generate enough money for the artiste.

However, Patapaa Amisty in recent interview has revealed that, his former manager Godfred Bokpin didn’t give him what was due him during the period his ‘One Corner’ tune reigned.

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But speaking in an interview with Kumasi based radio Sikka Fm; Godfred Bokpin described his former artiste as “illiterate”, attributing Patapaa’s utterances to the fact.

“Sometimes illiteracy and ignorance causes a lot of things”, Godfred Bokpin stressed.

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“Everybody who is illiterate is not smart. This is because if you are not ignorant and understands how systems work, you will understand that nobody has stolen your money. As I speak I’m not the admin to any of Patapaa’s social media handles, and also not admin to his online money generating sites. He told Tony Montana on the show.

According to Godfred, all he did was to protect Patapaa and his future adding that, his former artiste was aware of all what happened hence he can’t blame him for anything.

Source:|| Syxtus Eshun||

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