‘Pentecost, Presby and Methodist members should stop paying offertory and tithe, the church is already rich’  – Evangelist Suro Nyame

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Many think believers in Christ should tithe (defined as giving 10 percent of one’s income), and many use the language of “tithes and offerings” in worship services.

Although opinions have been divided in the Christendom in reference to tithing as some believe it’s a must for one to pay tithe, others too differ in this respect.

Recently, Ghanaian pastor Dan Owusu-Asiamah urged Christians to stop paying tithe, claiming some pastors are using it as a means to defraud them.

According to the above-mentioned man of God, some pastors are defrauding church members because they use the tithe to enrich themselves.

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He explained that the book of Deuteronomy in the Bible prohibits pastors from extorting money from their congregation.

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And now, Evangelist Suro Nyame, Ghana’s most popular contemporary street evangelist has added his voice to tithing.

According to Evangelist Suro Nyame, members of Church of Pentecost, Presbyterian, Methodist, Assembles of God, and other big churches in Ghana should stop paying tithe as the church is already well-to-do in terms of finance.


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