I’ve Come To Fear God, I Won’t Act Naked Again – Repented Ghanaian Actress Confesses

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Phil Ayisi, a beautiful and promising Ghanaian actress who was nearly tagged as a porn-movie-star some years back, has finally come out to say that she won’t act nude in movies ever again.

10721209_949158645101444_1331655176_nFive years ago when nudity became rife in Ghanaian movies, the names Socrates Sarfo (filmmaker) and actress Phil Ayisi, stood tall each time the topic was raised. Though Phil’s nude roles fetched her gobs of bashing from Ghanaian movie lovers and critics, Phil Ayisi was unfazed. In her own words, she said “there is nakedness all around us.
“There is nakedness on the beaches and at the beauty pageants so if I go semi-nude in movies where one has to interpret characters, I don’t see the reason why people should make a big deal out of it. Movie producers have come to realize I play those roles very well. When I featured in Idikoko’s ‘Office Romance,’ Socrate Safo also cast me in ‘Hot Fork’ and then other producers also came on board as well.”
Though she was reported to have lost her boyfriend through her sexually hardcore roles, she maintained that she doesn’t regret her action – since acting is what makes her happy. “Nobody can stop me from doing what I love doing. If I have to bare flesh to make the character I am playing look as real as possible, I will do it.


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“No boyfriend or husband can stop me from doing that. My ex-boyfriend didn’t understand my choice of profession so we had to go our separate ways. I am ready to lose a thousand men if they are not happy with the roles I play” she said.
Today, Phil has come to realization that acting nude in movies in the Ghanaian setting, is nothing worthy of pride. Speaking to GH base.com, she revealed that “yes I remember saying I will always act nude in movies but now, I won’t. I won’t act nude ever again as I did in the past.
Asked why, she said “I have found God. I have come to love God. I have come to fear God.” She however disclosed that “when I look back at those roles I played, I don’t regret. I have never regretted playing those nude roles at all! Maybe I can say I was not matured then but now I am.”
She also revealed that she is not seen on the movie scenes because “most filmmakers who approach me wants me to do it free of charge which I decline. As we speak, I have 10 scripts – all the producers want me to act for free but I won’t.”






According to her, she is concentrating on her saloon which helps her get revenue to keep soul and body together as well as writing her own script to shoot a movie. She also said she has plans of doing a course in film directing.
On how she got into acting, Phil who used to dance for Reggie Rockstone and K.K Fosu, explained that she went to see a play at the University of Ghana, Legon where she met actor Eddie Nartey who encouraged her to go into acting. Phil is not married but seriously dating.








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