Photos: Fella Makafui Meets Nigeria’s A-List Actress Mercy Johnson & Here’s What They Are Doing Together

mercy johnson and fella makafui

Fella Makafui of ‘Yolo’ has finally met Nigeria’s A-list actress Mercy Johnson and has shared the beautiful pictures on her Instagram account. Remember we shared with you a story that Mercy Johnson has arrived here in Ghana for the shoot of a new movie.

Apparently, the Yolo star happens to be one of the cast for the new movie ‘Once Upon A Family’ and met the actress on stage. From the expressions that formed on her face in the picture, one could tell, she had always dreamed of acting alongside Mercy Johnson—Dreams come true!

We don’t have enough details on this movie yet when we are able to gather more, we would share them with you.

See the photos below:

Okay, she’s in Character!

Dreams do come true! I finally met one of the biggest actresses in Africa



Okay, give us that smile!

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