Photos: Yvonne Nelson’s ‘If Tomorrow Never Comes’ Is A Great Movie But Failed At 2 Major Premieres

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Yvonne Nelson had a major premiere the second time for her excruciating movie, “If Tomorrow Never Comes” at the Silverbird Accra Mall, yesterday, 11th December 2015.

Unfortunately for the A-List actress, the premiere wasn’t successful, just like the first premiere she had for the movie on 5th June, 2015 at both the West Hills Mall and Accra Mall.

For the first premiere, we do understand it flopped because, the date didn’t suit her as many people had lost their lives in the June 3rd Disaster, and Ghanaians weren’t ready to watch a movie just 2 days after such a disaster had smashed the nation.

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And that was the reason why, Yvonne saw the need to have another major premiere, so she can make up for all of the costs, she incurred in making the movie.

Just unfortunately for her, the premiere of the movie “If Tomorrow Never Comes” wasn’t successful again for her as only few people turned up for the movie and has failed in it’s agenda to be the movie of the year.

Yvonne has had successful movie premieres in the past, especially with her “Single and Married” that even broke cinema records, but her latest movie has failed to pull movie lovers.

- Advertisement - was at the premiere and it wasn’t one that we would describe as successful, as there were just some few people around,  which was very abnormal of a Yvonne Nelson premiere.

Well, I don’t want to go deep into it, before someone starts tagging me as a hater… . Yvonne Nelson is a hardworking actress and I believe she would work harder next time and have a successful premiere.

There were some celebrities present though, who came to support her. spotted the likes of Ekow Smith Asante, Lydia Forson, Nikki Samonas, Becca, Regina, Eddie Nartey,  Pascal Amanfo, and Irene Logan.

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Maybe, Yvonne should have involved the bloggers and online writers also in hyping the movie, because radio and tv is not enough. And for those of you who would come to a premiere, just to take pictures with the celebrities and not buy tickets to watch the movie, we would soon publish your pictures.

See some of the photos from the premiere. couldn’t get all of the celebrities as most of the came late and by that time, we had run out of battery because we had to cover some events also before going to the premiere.

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