A-Plus Locked In Facebook’s Prison Over A Tribal Post He Made–Here’s What Might Have Happened!

Controversial musician and NPP sympathiser, Kwame A-Plus has been sentenced to Facebook’s prison–Well not literally! Kwame’s Facebook account has been disbaled by Facebook and from what Ghbase.com knows, it’s because too many people reported his account for making a post that threw shots at Ewes in the country and people who use  pictures of Former president John Dramani Mahama as their Facebook profile picture.

From what we know, Facebook frowns on hate speech and such comments on their platform and have indicated that clearly in their terms of service page.

Kwame A-Plus had his feelings f*cked last night when a Facebook user known as ‘Diwu Fie Asem’ wrote a letter to him calling him an awful  hypocrite whose source of livelihood revolved around the benevolence of politicians. A-plus in reaction to the distasteful letter to him which pointed out that he was a double-standard person because at one point he was attacking John Dumelo for ‘mocking’ a KNUST graduate who was selling bread in traffic and then he goes on to attack Manifest for wasting his father’s investment for choosing to do ‘rubbish’ music when he could have been a CEO of companies.

We learned that the person who wrote that letter to A-Plus is an EWE and the letter must have gotten to A-Plus soo much that he questioned why some Ewes insult him instead of disagreeing or sharing their opinions.


Here’s what he wrote below:

“When I post something on Facebook, 90 percent of the people who come to insult me instead of disagreeing or sharing their opinion have Ewe names. Are people using Ewe name to misbehave on Facebook? Is there an increase in the kind of Ewes people, who believed it when Rawlings gave them the impression that Ewes and Akans are enemies even though he was married to an Ashanti and named his daughter after the greatest Ashanti queen, Yaa Asanyewaa? Or they are just no being brought up well?,A-plus wrote


What’s going to happen to his account now?

From experience, when people report your account too many times and Facebook realises that your posts violates a policy, they disable your account immediately. They are likely to ask you to verify your account by submitting your id to ensure that, it’s not a fake account making such posts. They also warn you that if you continue to make such posts, your account would be banned completely.

If he’s lucky, he would serve a 3 days or 7 days  sentence in Facebook’s jail!

We would miss you A-plus!



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