A-Plus Says NDC’s Kofi Adams Is ‘Stupid’ & That His Brain Should Be Put In A Science Lab To Teach People What Makes A Stupid Man

The feud between A-plus and Kofi Adams continues and this time around,  the actor/musician and core Npp member has described the NDC’s Kofi Adams as stupid on his comments on the Ibrahim Mahama dud cheques saga.
A-plus poured downed heavy insults on Kofi Adams for defending Ibrahim Mahama’s dud  cheques scandal.
According to A-plus, Kofi Adam holds the key to the discovery of what makes a man stupid and must be captured by scientists and used as a lab rat so this discovery is made.
“As for Kofi Adams, they have to put his brain in a science lab and use it to teach children what makes a man stupid,” the irate musician fumed.
Fuming in a Facebook post, the musician couldn’t understand why Kofi Adams and the National Democratic Congress would jump to the defense of Ibrahim Mahama for issuing 44 dud cheques to government.
“People like Kofi Adams, the NDC national organiser who instead of working for his party (NDC) a day to elections, was busy drinking beer with girls on the Spintex road is [now] talking nonsense [because EOCO is grilling Ibrahim Mahama for evading tax?]”, he continued.
“You issue 44 dud cheques to government, nobody has arrested you. They have even given you time to pay what you owe. What else do you want?”, he quizzed his audience.
Though, Ibrahim Mahama, who is the brother of former president John Mahama has been asked to pay some monies to government, A-Plus believe the punishment was served with too much leniency.
“People have gone to jail for 10 years for stealing cassava and goat. Police has arrested people for 500 Ghana cedis dud checks.
Some have gone to jail for one roll of weed; and someone issues 44 dud checks and is walking free. The most annoying part is that some NDC people are defending him”, his social media tirade continued.
A-Plus is a well-known supporter of the incumbent New Patriotic Party and President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. During the 2016 campaign period, he was very active and vocal with his support for the NPP.
Portions of text culled from Yen.com.gh