Policeman Beats The Hell Out Of A Poor Woman At Midland Savings & Loans Just Because She Wanted Withdraw After Banking Hours (Video)

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In a new video that’s trending on Social media, a policeman is seen physically assaulting an unknown woman who was carrying a baby at the premises of Midland Savings & Loans. The Policeman who has been identified as Federick Amanor was acting as a security guard on the premises of the savings and loans company and was instructed to drive the woman out.

What happened to the phrase; “The Police Is Your Friend?”—Its almost like this policeman was not born of a woman and in the video you would watch below, one can see how he beat the hell out of the woman like he had bitten his balls.

What’s even more disheartening about the video is the fact that, other staff of the company, looked on while this brutish attack was launched on the poor woman, as she struggled to defend herself from the policeman who at kept hitting and punching her like a punching bag.

The Police man who beat up a woman at the Midland Savings n Loans company
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Federick Amanor perhaps did not get any proper upbringing from home, but at least one would expect that he would exercise restraint especially when the woman has armless and was holding a baby but he had to act that way, because his paymaster Midland Savings & Loans had given him the go-ahead to kick the woman out using all means necessary.

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Several people on Social media are outraged by his conduct and have called on the Ghana Police Service to investigate into the matter and subsequently punish him for beating up a woman in that manner.

Federick the woman beater

Now, we should be worried about dealing with Midland Savings & Loans because it’s clear the staff and management there have no empathy for humanity—They should be ashamed of themselves.

What Did The Woman Do?

A source has said that, she arrived at the banking hall a few minutes late after the closing hours of the bank and she was asked to go and come back the next day, but she insisted she needed to get money in the sum of Ghc250 and that was when the policeman was asked to drive her out.

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Like WTF? If you have closed, your doors should be locked, once she got in, you should know perhaps she had no money for herself and her baby that day. She’s a mother and it’s sad the bank decided not to be calm and deal with the situation in a matured way than to use the police against her.

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Violence is never the answer, what happened to dialogue? We believe irrespective of what the woman did, it was wrong for her to be subjected to such harsh treatments.

This country is like a Jungle people!Hmmmm


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