“Politicians control the world so do not insult them” – Archipalago advises “sharp mouthed” youth

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US-based Ghanaian musician Archipalago Mufasa disagrees with the advent of the youth, in their quest for better governance, throw unsolicited insults at political leaders.

According to him, the politician wields a lot of power and has been clothed with the authority to either destroy or sustain one’s life so the youth need to change their approach to change.

This piece of advice from Archipalago to the youth comes on the back of many social media agitations where many are casting aspersions at political leaders especially the President for failing to fix the country.

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Twene Jonas has become a social media sensation following how he is able to insult and describe politicians with very denigrating words. Archipalago believes the call for change from the youth is legitimate but the approach is clearly not right.

He calls for a shift since these politicians are the same people who at the end of the day have what it takes to fix or unfix the system based on the resources at their disposal.

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