Poor No Friend: All Those I Helped Including My Wife Have Failed Me – Prophet Seth Frimpong Laments

Somewhere in the early 2000, gospel musician Prophet Seth Frimpong popularly known as the “Dancing Prophet” took Ghana music industry especially the gospel genre by surprise with the banging tune, “Mehuri Sɔ“. However, he has been on hibernation state for quite a long time.


According to Prophet Frimpong, he has been bed-ridden for over two years now which explains his long silence from the public exposure.


Speaking to host of Abusua FM’s drive time show, Ike De-Unpredictable, the once celebrated gospel musician disclosed he has been battling type one diabetes in the last two years which has led to his significant loss of weight.


Prophet Seth Frimpong said, “Ike, you won’t believe even my wife has deserted me in this very difficult times that I am going through. By the grace of God, I have been able to groom a lot of pastors and gospel musicians like Brother Sammy, Christiana Love and a host of others yet none of them has paid attention to me,” he bemoaned.


Nonetheless, upon all the disappointment, the ace musician mentioned a colleague artist by name Brother Sammy for his loyalty. Even with this, the bed-ridden artist claim Brother Sammy loyalty is as a result of intervention of close pals.