Popular Chinese Names For Boys And Their Meanings

Popular Chinese Names For Boys And Their Meanings
Popular Chinese Names For Boys And Their Meanings
– Popular Chinese Names For Boys And Their Meanings
– Popular Chinese Names & Meanings
– Unique Chinese Names For Boys & Meanings

Looking to picking a perfect Chinese name for your baby that has direct traces to Chinese roots? Then this is the perfect place to pick special and unique Chinese names for boys and get to understand their meanings.

The Chinese people have beautiful and unique tonal languages and you should probably be looking for names that have a direct connection to China (all 302 individual living languages) like standard Chinese (Mandarin), Cantonese, Shanghainese, or Fuzhou.

Parents frequently give their son a Chinese name that has meaning. A Chinese name represents the traits and characteristics that a son will carry with him throughout his life.

It’s worth noting that while most hanzi (characters or logograms) can be translated into English, not all of them are fully translatable.

Importantly, choosing a Chinese name for your boy should be one that has the meaning and significance you are looking for. Perhaps, you want a name that signifies bravery, intelligence or calmness.

These are 100+ Chinese names for boys and their meanings

Aiguo: meaning “Love of the country”

An: meaning “Peace”

Bai: meaning “White”

Bambang: meaning “Solider”

Bengt: meaning “Blessed”

Biming: meaning “Clear”

Bingwen: meaning “Bright”

Bo: meaning “Waves”

Bojing: meaning “Admiration”

Boqin: meaning “Respect”

Chang: meaning “Spirit”

Changpu: meaning “Simple”

Chao: meaning “Surpassing”

Chaun: meaning “Secure”

Chen: meaning “Great”

Cheng: meaning “Accomplished”

Cheung: meaning “Good luck”

Chi: meaning “Younger generation”

Chuanli: meaning “Propriety”

Chun: meaning “Bloom”

Chung: meaning “Intelligent”

Popular Chinese Names & Meanings

Da: meaning “Attainment”

Deli: meaning “Virtuous”

Deming: meaning “Bright”

Dingbang: meaning “Protector of the country”

Dong: meaning “East”; “winter”

Duyi: meaning “Whole”

Fai: meaning “Beginning”

Feng: meaning “Sharp blade”

Fu: meaning “Wealthy”

Gan: meaning “Adventure”

Gang: meaning “Strong”

Gen: meaning “Root”

Guang: meaning “Light”

Gui: meaning “Noble”

Guotin: meaning “Leader”

Unique Chinese Names For Boys & Meanings

Hai: meaning “Sea”

Hao: meaning “Perfect”

He: meaning “Peace of the river”

Heng: meaning “Eternal”

Hong: meaning “Swan”

Hop: meaning “Agreeable”

Hou: meaning “Noble”

Hua: meaning “Prosperous”

Huan: meaning “Happy”

Hui: meaning “Splendor”

Jia: meaning “Great”

Jian: meaning “Healthy”

Jianyu: meaning “Universe”

Jie: meaning “Pure”

Jig: meaning “Quick”

Jin: meaning “Gold”

Jinhai: meaning “Golden sea”

Jun: meaning “Truth”

Kang: meaning “Well-being”

Kong: meaning “Sky”

Kun: meaning “Universe”

Kuo: meaning “Vast”

Lei: meaning “Thunder”

Li: meaning “Strength”

Li jun: meaning “Logic”, “ruler”

Li qiang: meaning “Logic”; “strong”

Li Wei: meaning “Logic”; “high power”

Liang: meaning “Bright”

Lie Jie: meaning “Logic”; “hero”

Ling: meaning “Compassion”

Liu: meaning “Willow”

Lok: meaning “Happiness”

Manchu: meaning “Pure”

Mingli: meaning “Bright”

Mingyu: meaning “Bright jade”

Minsheng: meaning “Voice of the people”

Common Chinese Names 

Ning: meaning “Spirit”

On: meaning “Peace”

Park: meaning “Cypress tree”

Peizhi: meaning “Respectful”

Ping: meaning “Stable”

Qi: meaning “Enlightenment”

Qiang: meaning “Strong”

Qiao: meaning “Handsome”

Qing: meaning “Sky blue”

Qiu: meaning “Autumn”

Qu: meaning “Interesting”

Quon: meaning “Bright”

Ru: meaning “Bright”

Shan: meaning “Mountain”

Shen: meaning “Spirit”

 Shilin: meaning “Intellectual”

Shing: meaning “Victory”

Shoi-ming: meaning “Sunshine”

Shui: meaning “Like water”

Song: meaning “Pine tree”

Susu: meaning “Quiet”

Sying: meaning “Star”

Tai-hua: meaning “Handsome”

Taio: meaning “Distinguished”

Tao: meaning “Waves”

Tengfei: meaning “Soaring”

Tu: meaning “Earth”

Tung: meaning “Universal”

Chinese Names For Boys

Wang: meaning “Wish”

Wang lei: meaning “King”; “thunder”

Wang Wei: meaning “King”; “power”

Wang Yong: meaning “King”; “brave”

Wei: meaning “Great”

Weiyuan: meaning “Depth”

Weizhe: meaning “Sage”

Wen: meaning “Cultured”

Wenyan: meaning “Refined”

Xiang: meaning “Circling”

Xin: meaning “New”

Xing: meaning “Rising”

Xue: meaning “Studious”

Yang: meaning “Model”

Yanlin: meaning “Beijing forest”

Ye: meaning “Bright”

Yi: meaning “Firm”

Ying: meaning “Bold’

Cool Chinese Names For Boys

Yingjie: meaning “Brave”

Yingpei: meaning “Admire”

Yong: meaning “Brave”

Yongrui: meaning “Lucky”

Yu: meaning “Friend”

Yuanjun: meaning “Joy”

Zhixin: meaning “Ambitious”

Zhong: meaning “Loyal”

Zhou: meaning “Assist”

Zian: meaning “Peace”

Zihao: meaning “Hero”

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