Popular Musician Blaq Sam Has Gone Mad & Listening To His Hit Song Back Then Would Make You Teary


It’s sad but one of our once popular highlife musicians, Blaq Sam has gone mad and now lives on the streets, not knowing who he really is.. This is an emotionally laden story and I have felt very sad after watching the music video of Blaq Sam’s Ese ne Vera’

Criss Waddle who made the revelation on Snapchat has announced that he would do his very best to make sure that Blaq Sam gets the best medical attention from a psychiatric hospital as he beleives his is not a ‘drug related’ case.

Blaq Sam also known as Fish Scale became popular when he dropped his hit song Ese ne Vera’ in 2009 and I remember I was in Secondary school at the time.

Watch His Hit song Ese Ne Vera below:

Blaq Sam also featured on the remix of Praye’s hit song, “Jacket” and recorded ‘Magye Aboso’ with Castro.

Criss Waddle posted :


“That’s Fish Scale on Praye’s Jacket remix. He was poised to be successful but currently mentally challenged. He’s my new responsibility. Can’t watch him go completely mad when foolish people get money from me and don’t even appreciate.”


Watch the video of Criss Waddle talking to Blaq Sam who has now gone mad below:

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Written By Chris Handler

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