“Pray For Your Women Always, A Lot Depends On Their Happiness”-Neo Advises Men

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A happy woman makes a happy home; the happier you keep your woman the more peaceful your home will be.

A lot of people who have enjoyed peace at home will attest to the fact that this is the case as they have made the woman’s happiness their topmost priority.

For reality TV star Neo Akpofure, a lot depends on women, and that makes it imperative to pray for them always.

The saying that behind a successful man is a woman, makes it all the more important to always make sure your woman is happy as that will make them support you in whatever that you do.

Given that some women are quite fragile in giving in to things that break their homes, it is very important that a man keeps his woman in his prayer always so that they will stay focused to the course of building a home where there’ll be peace and unity.

Neo Akpofure wrote on Twitter;

“Normalize praying for your woman, a lot depends on the happiness of a woman”


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