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Social media has been buzzing, with many Ghanaians throwing insults at President John Dramani Mahama for conjuring hardship from the sky and permanently planting it into their lives.

I do not get involve in Ghanaian politics—and this is simply because, policies and issues are never discussed. Instead, farfetched insults are thrown at each other for doing exactly what everyone seem to be doing in Ghana.

Nevertheless, I am a champion of common sense and logical reasoning, something most Ghanaians do not have and are scared to consider in life.

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I’ve come to realize that, like other Africans, we love to point fingers at people and blame them for our problems, forgetting that we are part of the problems.

It is right to assume that because President John Mahama is the head of the nation, he has to make sure there are jobs available for you; there are good roads out there among others.

However, it is illogical and it defiles the notion of common sense when you think you deserve a job without the accompanying work ethics. You want a new road yet you cannot even maintain the old ones—people continue to dump refuse on perfectly constructed roads.

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Some Ghanaians keep crying—that, they are struggling, yet they do not invest in themselves to get out of the struggle.  Everyone expects the President to single-handedly lift them from their struggles. Not only that, he has to also place them at a better position and by that, they want to be driving the latest cars and afford all the latest electronics—even though they do not need them.

Finding a job as a graduate is difficult, let alone as an individual with higher education—and this is a global issue. The solution to this problem everywhere in the world is getting out of the job hunting chain and creating a job for youself.

Education used to be the key to ending poverty. Today, Entrepreneurship is the key to making an impact and getting out of the global economic hardship.


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