Prince David Osei Schools Efia Odo On Bible Principles (+Screenshot)

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Ghanaian actor Prince David Osei has taken it upon himself to remind actress cum entrepreneur Efia Odo on when she used to preach the gospel. 

In other words, Prince David Osei reminded Efia Odo on when she used to tell people about God.

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Efia Odo has time without number disapproved of the Christian religion and the Bible which she referred to as a book full of fictional stories.

According to her in a post this afternoon April 10th 2020, the Europeans who introduced Bible to Africans are the same who enslaved, raped and abused Africans.

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Reacting to this, Prince David Osei who commented on the post, asked Efia Odo why she has suddenly switched sides after preaching the gospel to her.

Read the rest of the conversation below for more;

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