‘Prophet Badu Is A Stupid Fool’ – Appietus Spits Fire

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Popular music producer, Appietus has come for the head of Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi for his tribal remarks over the weekend which has caused so much uproar in Ghana.

The popular man of God sparked ethnocentric comments during a church service when he branded Ashanti women as greedy, stubborn, disrespectful among other derogatory terms.

He said men should not marry Ashanti women because they are nothing but trouble.  “If you marry Ashanti lady, you have imported problem to yourself forever. I have done research and it is so,” he said.

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Several people have bashed him for his inflammatory comment and it’s now the turn of famous music producer Appietus who came in harder.

According to him, Badu Kobi is stupid and foolish and he cannot believe a Man of God would pass those comments. “He’s insulted the Ashanti Queen. I’m an Ashanti and I know he’s a fool and stupid,” Appietus angrily said.

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“If you have a problem with your wife (who is an Ashanti), why come out to condemn all? If your wife is greedy, does it mean all Ashanti women are greedy?” he wondered.

“I’m very disappointed. I didn’t believe a man of God at his age could make such statement. If Jesus Christ brought such division, will it be better for us? He is being divisive.

“I can’t respect him because he doesn’t respect himself. Do you think Rev Obofour, Mensah Otabil and Duncan Williams will do this? Are Ashanti women not in his church? He should be taken on by Ashanti women and should apologise.” he added.

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