Prophet Kofi Oduro mocks Nigel Gaisie over his fake Umuofia prophecy on 31st night [Watch]

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Founder and Leader of Alabaster Ministries, Prophet Kofi Oduro has torn into Prophet Nigel Gaisie of Prophetic Hill Chapel over his fake Umuofia prophecy which he delivered on the 31st night.

Ghanaians woke up to a video of Nigel Gaisie announcing a new town – Umuofia which went viral on social media, particularly on Twitter after another crossover service into January 2022.

After the prophecy, netizens dug to unearth that Umuofia was not a country as he said but rather a virtual reality space enhancing the study of Chinua Achebe’s novel Things Fall Apart and the Igbo people at time of British colony.

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“I am not talking to the people of Ghana because of the repressive system going on in Ghana. I am not talking to the topographical, geographical land called Ghana. I am prophesying to a nation called Umuofia,” he said.

Though he has stated his reason for not mentioning Ghana as the country for which he made that prophecy, netizens have already concluded that he made it up in a manner that wouldn’t flout the directive given by the Police.

In a video going viral, Prophet Kofi Oduro took time to mock him for making a quick u-turn On the scary prophecies they give at the beginning of every year.

According to him, the fear of being jailed and out behind is the reason those doom prophecies were not heard on the 31st night.


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