“Pure water” seller directs traffic on Kumasi-Accra highway due to power outage which caused traffic lights out [Video]

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Situational leadership is when a person takes charge of a situation and provides leadership that inure to the benefit of others…this is what the pure water seller has epitomized.

Her sheer bravery to put her pan of sachel water somewhere and to direct traffic on a major highway to prevent gridlock is worth celebrating.

Although she has no experience directing traffic, she has seen it done by police officials on the street and when the duty called, she responded perfectly.

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With no traffic paraphernalia to distinguish her from the normal pedestrians, this woman was seen directing the traffic and all the drivers respected her directives…in fact, they moved and stopped as and when she directed.

The absence of this lady on the road and the leadership she showed would have created a massive gridlock that would have had drivers shouting and booing at one another in a bid to make it through the thick traffic.

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According to reports, when the lights went out and the traffic lights went off, the pure water seller helped to direct the traffic until the MTTD officials arrived and she had to go back to her business.

Absolutely wonderful.

Watch Video Here:

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