Pure Wickedness: Ghanaian Lady Dumps Her Fresh Baby In A Dustbin, Wrapped In Tissue Papers(Video)

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It is very disheartening when some people put up certain actions and expect to live in peace for the rest of their lives.

In a video going viral, a certain Ghanaian lady has committed one of the most wicked acts anyone can ever commit on earth; she gives birth to a fresh baby, wraps the baby with tissue papers, and dumps her in a dustbin.

What at all could the problem be for her to carry out such a callous act, leaving an innocent fresh baby in a dustbin being suffocated by tissue papers?

Some people heard the baby cry, followed the sound of the cries of the baby only to find a day old baby placed inside a dustbin with tissue papers all over her.

It’s sad because several people have been looking for such blessings from God for several years but to no avail only for someone to get it and then dump her somewhere.

The video is very sensitive hence viewer discretion is advised; we also do not own content of this video:


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A certain Ghanaian lady dumps her fresh baby in a dustbin, wrapped in tissue papers Note: Viewer discretion is advised

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