Quaden Bayles’ Family Reject $700k Raised For Disneyland Trip

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Remember the young kid who was abused and bullied to the point of death in Australia? In a new development to his trending story, his family has humbly rejected the money that was raised on his behalf to sponsor him to Disneyland to have the time of his life.

In a viral video that surfaced last week last week, Quaden Bayles was seen weeping uncontrollably and making suicide comments after being subjected to extreme bullying in school.

The video was shared by the boy’s mother Yarraka Bayles to plead with parents and the general public to educate their kids about bullying that drive other kids to the point of death, just like it is happening to his child.

In the video, Quaden, 9, who was born with Achondroplasia, a form of Dwarfism, is seen in anguish as he describes how he plans to take his life.

However, the media suggest that the family have rejected the money that has been raised for Quaden, saying it should be directed to a campaign that will stop bullying in schools.

Quaden’s aunt Mundanara Bayles spoke with the news service, saying Quaden would have loved to go to Disneyland to “escape to anywhere that is fun that doesn’t remind him of his day-to-day challenges.”

“But my sister said, ‘You know what, let’s get back to the real issue,'” she said. “This little fella has been bullied. How many suicides, black or white, in our society have happened due to bullying?”

She said the community would benefit more from the money going to organizations that “really need it.”

“We need to come together and work out how to make sure young people like Quaden don’t have to deal with what they have been dealing with,” she said.

Williams posted the GoFundMe page, called “Let’s send a wonderful kid to Disneyland!” saying he wanted to let Quaden know that “bullying will not be tolerated, and that he is a wonderful human being who deserves joy.”

He set up the page after a video filmed by Quaden’s mother, Yarraka Bayles, emerged online. It showed Quaden crying hysterically and saying he wanted to kill himself while Yarraka narrated what was going on.

US comedian Brad Williams who is also a victim of dwarfism created the account “‘Let’s send a wonderful kid to Disneyland’, after a video of Quaden surfaced online where he was seen crying and threatening to take his own life because of the constant bullying from mates at school.

Media report states that Quaden’s family has rejected the trip to Disney land and the money but has suggested that the money given to charity to fight bullying.

His aunt said: ‘What kid wouldn’t want to go to Disneyland, especially if you have lived Quaden’s life, this little fella has been bullied. How many suicides, black or white, in our society have happened due to bullying.

‘We want the money to go to community organisations that really need it. They know what the money should be spent on. So as much as we want to go to Disneyland, I think our community would far off benefit from that.’

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