Rawlings Was A Bad Example Of Leadership: James Kabila Bomfeh

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Even as the former President, Late Jerry John Rawlings, makes his final journey to meet his maker, some Ghanaian Politicians can’t stop tongue-lashing him with the former General Secretary of the CPP, James Kabila Bomfeh labeling him as a bad example of a Political leader.

“In my honest opinion, he had his positives and negatives but his negatives far outweighed his positives. He showed a very bad example as the head of state. This is my personal opinion.”He added

Short of backing his claims with facts, he emphasized that the former President lacked leadership credentials and that his emergence into the political landscape of the country served no useful purpose for the nation and especially the youth in general.

Speaking in an interview on Rainbow Radio,  he noted that Rawlings was the one who encouraged insults into the Body Politic of the nation and that the youth of this country should not emulate him.

Kabila, as he is popularly called, said the former leader failed the corruption test even though Probity and Accountability was his mantra.

“The overthrow of Liman he said sowed a seed of indiscipline and I will not recommend him as an example to any young person in the country.”He added.

Meanwhile, the funeral activities of the late former President, Ghana’s ever longest serving President have entered its second day.

The filing past of his mortal remains today has been restricted to the heads of security agencies, leaders of political parties, and traditional leaders.



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