Real Identity Of Kofi Adoma’s Wife Finally Revealed By Tiktoker (+VIDEO)

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For the past few months, a lot of people have wondered how they can identify the face of Angel TV presenter, Kofi Adoma’s wife called Miracle.
This is because the Angel TV reporter always hid the face of his wife from public scrutiny.

But during his birthday a few days ago, Kofi Adoma decided to open up about his cheating lifestyle and the numerous baby mamas he has as a result.

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Mr Adomah’s revelation over the radio on his birthday that he had cheated on his wife and fathered children outside of their marriage made him public ridiculed by many.

Anyway, a tiktoker with the user name @missguccivee has shared a video of a woman alleged to be the wife of Kofi Adoma.

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Well, we can’t confirm if the pictures in the video is Kofi Adoma’s mysterious wife but check out the video and share your thoughts with us.

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