Reality TV Star, Leo Dasilva Reveals Why We Mostly Hear Only Discouraging News About Marriage

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Reality TV star, Leo Dasilva has revealed why we mostly hear discouraging news about marriages from married people.

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News about marriages has always been bad, making people who are yet to marry fear going into it.

The reason, according to Leo Dasilva, is that married people normally do not tell people they are enjoying their marriages because of the evil eyes that would be targeted at them to destroy their happiness.

To prevent evil people from targeting their happiness, Leo Dasilva reckons that would just say discouraging news about it so that people would think they are not enjoying since revealing it would make evil people target them.

Leo Dasilva wrote on Twitter:

“The people actually enjoying their marriages are not telling us because they don’t want evil eye on them.

This is why It’s mostly discouraging news we hear about marriage.”

Very few people even say anything about their marriages to other people and they that bring their marriage issues out almost always have a few misgivings about their spouse.

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