Reggie Rockstone Blasts Trolls For Critizing Fella Makafui, Says Any Woman Who Hates Her Backside Is Insecure

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Veteran Ghanaian rapper, Reggie Rockstone has been placed on the chopping board following a comment he made about people critizing Fella Makafui’s recent photo.

Medikal took the photo to the internet which the photo has his wife, Fella’s body revealing which is supposed to see by him only.

The photo triggered the fans to dish out their comments as they blasted the couple for sharing such a photo despite being married and having a child.

Rapper, Reggie Rockstone went under the post and shared his sentiments that women critizing Fella are insecure and are not confident in their look as Fella.

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Reggie Rockstone however warned that he knows the people will insult him but doesn’t care because he has already shot himself in the foot and doesn’t care about the backlashes.

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