I Regret The Mistakes I’ve Made In Life – Samini

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They say,  there’s hope for a better tomorrow but we must remember that today was yesterday’s tomorrow. We can’t reap where we did not sow for neither God nor the spirits will grant us that favour.


Simply put, man will certainly reap whatever he or she sows. Similarly in the life of dancehall artist, Samini Dagaati looked back at his life always with regrets.

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Samini has cautioned upcoming artistes and entertainers to be cautious of their lives in order not to end up like him who has several children with several women at the age of 35.

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Samini who was speaking to Doreen Andoh on Accra-based Joy FM said he started to enjoy fame and money at the age of 24 and that made him live a reckless life because he could afford.


He indicated that he regrets the life that he has lived in the past and will not wish for people he is grooming and other artists to follow suit.


He said “I will advise them not to go down the path I went because there are lots of consequences”.


“Control yourself so that you will not have to explain yourself,” Samini advised all artistes.


He further advised that whatever they put in the public domain should always be something they could look back to and be proud of in the future.

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