Reno’s Money Tip: “Study Money Religiously So You Can Earn It Regularly And Invest It Wisely”

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My name is David, and i write with you in mind.

Everyone’s daily hustle is towards one thing: earning money. There strategies that will help an individual make a lot of it to ease the pressure on themselves.

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Everyone keeps looking for and trying all these strategies; some of them being proposed by supposed experts in the field of finances.

One man that is not known to be a financial expert, has shared his own thoughts about money that is logical enough and capable of helping one get more of it if implemented to the later.

That person is the ever-present Reno Omokri, the Nigerian author and lawyer who specializes in advice to the youth in every field to help make their lives better.

According to him, money is like friends that we make, the more we know our friends , the more we benefit from them to a larger extent.

For this reason, he adds that money should be studied seriously to know the better ways there are to making more of it.

It is when one does this that he or she stands a better chance of earning regularly and will also know a great deal of how to invest it to get more returns.

He wrote;

“Study money religiously, so you can earn it regularly, and invest it wisely. Never borrow, unless for business, education or health. Money is like any other friend you have. The more you know your friend, the more you benefit from the friendship.”


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