“Respect Hustlers; If You Succeed Without Suffering, They Suffered For You”-Ramsey Nouah

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Nigerian actor, Ramsey Nouah is advocating for hustlers to be accorded the needed respect that they deserve from people who have succeeded at whatever that they do.

According to him, if an individual succeeds without suffering, it is because a hustler did all the work for them to succeed.

People who normally do the dirty work at various workplaces are most often looked down upon, but it remains to be seen if the work will go on very well without the efforts of these hustlers who are so often disrespected.

It is therefore important, as stated by Ramsey Nouah, for people to offer these hustlers the maximum respect because they are they are the ones who do all the ‘donkey’ work to make companies flourish.

Ramsey Nouah made this known  in an Instagram post.

“If you succeed without suffering, it is because someone has suffered for you, so drop your shoulders and respect hustlers,” he wrote.

It appears this was a quote that the actor saw somewhere and decided to share it with his followers as he finds it to make so much sense and would lead to hustlers getting some level of respect in society.

“It’s too real I had to share,” Ramsey Nouah added.

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