‘Richest’ Musician Shatta Wale Struggling To Hit A Million Views With His ‘Amount’ Music Video–Bad, Bad Bad!

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Shatta’s Wale’s ‘Amount’ music video has failed to hit JUST 1 million views after almost 3 months of dropping the music video and we feel bad for the ‘Richest’ Ghanaian musician–Quite pathetic but we are hoping, the views will rise after this story on Ghbase.com.

I mean for someone who tags himself as the richest and makes a mockery of his fellow musicians just because he feels he’s richer than them, we were expecting his music video ‘Amount’ which seems to sort of question one how much they are worth.

The music video was released on Youtube on July 23, 2018 and at the time of this post, it had garnered only 658,378 views–Yeah, its even struggling to hit 700k, but we are certain, things will now begin to change now that we’ve raised attention.

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Screenshot was taken today, to reflect today’s date.

Sarkodie dropped ‘Can’t Let You Go’ music video on August 11, 2018 and it has garnered 2.7M views so far but Mr. Nii who claims to be richer than every musician including Sarkodie couldn’t get his ‘Amount’ music video to hit just 1 million views after 2 months and some weeks—We guess he does not really have the ‘Amount’ to effectively promote that music video.

Shatta’s Gringo music video was able to hit 1 million views within 2 weeks and topped Youtube’s trend for days but it’s halted at 1.9M views after 5 months—Then again, Sarkodie’s ‘Can’t Let You Go’ even has more views than ‘Gringo’.

It seems the fans have run out of data as that could explain another reason why ‘Amount’ has not hit 1 million views yet. We recall how they teased Stonebwoy’s fans for not helping their artiste garner 1 million views easily on his videos.

Another reason why perhaps the video failed to reach 1 million views is that fans of Stonebwoy have made a decision not to watch his music videos as they feel, in their quest to find faults by watching the video, they contribute to its hype and views.

Now it seems, the table has turned but the good news is, Shatta Wale’s fans are too loyal and so now, they will rush and go ensure the King’s music video hits a million and more.

Shatta Wale will be launching his Reign album at the Trade Fair on 13th October, 2018 and a music video from one of the songs off the album, ‘My Mind Is Made Up’ will be dropped today–Make sure to come back on Ghbase.com for it because we will share it here with you.

Thank You! Now How much be Shatta Wale’s  REAL Amount?

Watch the Amount Video AGAIN below:

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