#RIPTwitter trends as users await site’s potential collapse

There have been mass resignations at Twitter on Thursday evening by workers as employees trend #RIPTwitter and #GoodbyeTwitter on the bird app.

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According to reports from New York Times, Twitter employees were given up to 5 pm on Wednesday to make a decision to commit to the company and continue their employment in building “Twitter 2.0”. However, hundreds of employees chose to leave the company.

A lot of Twitter users have tweeted with the new hashtag also lambasting Elon Musk for destroying the communication app a month after taking over.

Read some tweets below…

@Michael Swartz: Musk turned one of the biggest sites on the internet into a crater within a month. I never want to hear anyone call him other than a dipshit ever again. Twitter HQ RIP Twitter

@being heart ticker: Elon Musk really shut down all Twitter offices after hundreds of employees resigned, so the app shutting down is actually quite possible. #RIPTwitter #GoodByeTwitter #TwitterDown

@sonia: Is it really the end of Twitter?? This is the only social media app that I actually enjoyed, where will I post all my ramblings on now?


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