Thursday, November 26, 2020

Romantic Papa: “My Love For You Is Timeless, Thank You For Making Me The Man Of My Dreams”–Zylofon Boss Nana Appiah Mensah Showers Love On Wife

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Well, in case you didn’t know, Nana Appiah Mensah is a married man with kids and on this day of love, he’s expressed his love for his beautiful wife, Rozy. Well, this is not the first time, he’s letting the world know how much he loves his wife on Social media, he’s been doing that always.

Today being Valentine’s day , the Zylofon Boss in several posts he made on his Instagram account, shared photos of himself and his lovely wife and wished her a happy valentine.

In one of the many posts, he put out on Social media, he wrote; “Happy 🌹🌹Rozy’s🌹🌹day! Thank u so much baby for making me the man of my dreams. Well done! I hope I’m not causing you too much heartaches?😔. Lay all out burdens unto Jehovah. Love u, Timeless!💕💕💕🙌”

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And in the picture, he posted, the couple were going for their early morning cycling–That’s how the rich people do it!

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Do you also see the luxurious cars in the plush mansion? Sika y3 d3 wai! We can only imagine the adventure they would have today, since they can afford it all.

Yes, rich people go for cycling in the morning.


Just look at the mansion, cars, even the floor tiles k3k3!! Herh, ohiaa y3 ya, this is the real RNS


When your husband owns a private jet, you can fly to anywhere around the world! Rozy!

Mr. and Mrs Appiah

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