My Romantic Hours of Adventure with Sussie at Labadi Beach-Part 2

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find her sister, i would have regretted it.
Well, even if i wanted to turn her plea down, her beauty wouldn’t allow me for i don’t know how to say no to beautiful girls with

flat tummes. You must think i have an addiction for flat tummy girls huh? So i agreed like an idiot to help her find her sister. We

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walked scanning through the crowd in the light of finding her sister. As we walked on the beach sand in search of her sister, we held

hands as though we were lovers, we talked about school, friends, society and we finally ended up on the issue of love. It felt like i

had known her since childhood talking to her, we walked for an hour pausing along the way but for me it felt like 30 seconds. Her

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radian beauty, her dimple and oo best of all, her flat tummy, for she wore a bikini, a hot and tight one as such. During our

conversation, we both discovred we shared soo many things in common, like same favorite color, favorite movies, ideas, and guess what

we were born on the same day and month except that i was a year older than her. I felt at that very instant that, she was my missing

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rib, my soul mate and i knew she must have thought the same way too. We would giggle bringing attention to ourselves, and those who

saw us laugh and giggle must have thougt that we were some love birds.
I couldn’t remember what we said to each other, but before i knew it she was in my arms in the water, my hands wrap around her firm

round boobs, her bottocks pressing against my Kwame, and we would jump each time the waves beat us. I was beginning to appreciate my

holiday. We would change positions in the water, she would at times wrap her hands around my neck, legs crawled around my waist, and

i would just act like the Jack of Titanic, and let held her in a position that made her felt confident. I must say, i couldn’t

complain, for her boobs pressed against my chest, and we would kiss soo wetly, all eyes just starred at us and when the tides was

above by waist, i would smooch her soft buttocks with my hands. I did all the crazy things with her, and i just didn’t want to let

her go. We forgot about the missing sister, because there was actually no sister. She told me it was a way to approach me and she

thought if i were a nice guy like she felt the moment she saw me, i would reluctantly assist her. Hmmm, i was happy i did. After

spending several minutes in the sea, smooching and making romantic interchanges at each other, we came out with our arms wrapped

around each other’s waist, we were the most envied couple that day. I took Sussie to one of the mini foodjoints at the beach, and we

had great amount of food. I would feed her with a spoon and she would do likewise, we were so happy, we laughed, that day was indeed

the happiest day in my life. After eating, we lied down on the sea shore, with our face looking up the skies, we tickled, teased each

other, and i bet you, people couldn’t stop staring at us each time they passed by, but hey, we did not bother at all. It was getting

late, it 5:30pm and most people started leaving the place, while others still swam, i can’t remember the number of kisses we shared

before leaving the beach, for we dared each other to see who was the best kisser, for us, it was a world of our own. As we walked out

of the beach gates full of happiness, i still felt sad, for i didn’t want to say goodbye yet although we exchanged phone numbers.

When Sussie hugged me tightly, she whispered in my ears “do you want to come home with me”?

What? You sure know i would never have said no! Of course yes, i accepted and we boarded taxi straight to her apartment in East

Legon. The night was cold, the beach sand particles, were still on our body, we couldn’t deny each other a naked bath together. I

couldn’t believe my eyes were seeing the nakedness of Sussie, a girl i met some few hours ago. Her body was smashing, sexy and a hot

one, my kwame had no choice than to rise, she laughed, as she held it, we kissed, we touched, another passionate romance started from

the bathroom, we couldn’t wait to finally do the do. I kissed her neck, i bit her ears lightly and whispered into them, the moment

had come, finally the climax was about to happen. I was confused about what kind of style to start with, she held it, she moaned, i

was ready, i had to do it, and decided to start with the traditional style. Her legs wide open, and all i could remember

was………….. all i could remember was….. what happened? …………….. A mosquitoe ruined it all. Am sorry, i woke up only

to realise it was a dream. Ever since then, each time i go to the beach, i pray Sussie, the girl in the dream would come but it never

happened until last week when…….

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