Rory John Gates Life: Height, Net Worth, Education, Cars, Family

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Being the only male child of his father, Rory John Gates seem to enjoy living a private life, but there are some things that are known about him as he’s the son of the world’s second-richest man alive, Bill Gates.

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Rory who is 21 is achieving a lot in his life as he focuses also on his education as a student.

He together with his two other sisters, Phoebe Gates and Kin Jennifer Gates are seen to be the most extravagant family in the world.

Rory John Gates Biography

Born in Seattle, Washington DC on 23rd May 1991 to Bill Gates and Melinda Gates and Rory is the only son and the second child of his parents and there are reports that suggest that he’s very much loved and pampered more by his mother.

He’s an American citizen but when it comes to his ethnicity he’s mixed race.

What is His Age?

A heir to his father’s businesses, he was born on 23rd May 1999 and currently 21 years old and the only boy among two girls, Kin Jennifer Gates and Phoebe Gates, his sisters.

Rory John Gates and father
Rory John Gates and father, Bill Gates

Rory John Gates Height?

Rory John Gates height is 5 feet, 5 inches tall and has an average body structure. He weighs about 52 KG and has grey hair and brownish eyes.

He’s a very calm person and also one with a charming personality.

Rory John Gates Family Life

He is neither married nor dating. There’s no evidence that points to the fact that he’s dating yet.

But for someone who likes to keep a very low key profile and stay away from Social media goes on to prove that, he doesn’t like people getting in his business at all.

John Rory Gates
Rory John Gates is the only son of Bill Gates & Melinda Gates

Despite keeping a low profile, Rory John Gates is a huge fan of cars and is known to own a couple of powerful sports cars, which he doesn’t post because he’s not even on Social media.


It is known that he attended Lakeside School which is the same school his father attended several years ago. His elder sister, Jennifer Gates also attended the same school.

He also has a degree in Computer Science and Economics from the Dukes University. He then attended Fuqua School of Business where he got his MBA degree.

Rory is not done with his academic pursuit yet, as we believe he’s in one of the schools in the United Kingdom.

What Is Rory John Gates Net Worth?

Although Rory John Gates net worth has not been made public yet, there are suggestions that he’s worth over $30 million as at the year 2020. His father, Bill Gates is wort over $110 billion.

Rory owns a house called Xanadu- 2.0 and it is worth $123.54 million and this was revealed by King County public assessor’s office.

The Xanadu 2.0 mansion has a system that changes the temperature to suit the environment. There are six kitchens in the mansion and they are arranged in a way that, staffs can easily prepare during an occasion.

Aside from all these assets, Rory John Gates also owns a fleet of sports and luxurious cars. Some of them are Lamborghini, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Rolls Royce, etc.


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