Ryan Waller Arizona Story, What Happened, Injuries, Dead or Alive?

Ryan Waller

Ryan Waller’s case became a matter of national interest as his story is regarded as the most controversial story to date and anyone who gets to know about it expressed shock over how he was treated by the police before getting medication.

He was accused and interrogated for murdering his lover for six hours with a bullet in his skull and it’s very pathetic because they didn’t believe why he survived the gunshot.

What happened to Ryan Waller?

Ryan Waller and his girlfriend, Heather Quan faced their fest on December 23, 2006, while enjoying their normal night at their apartment but things took a different turn after they heard a knock on the door.

He was placed at a gunpoint after opening to check the door and got shot by intruders when he attempted to shut the door and entered the house and shot her girlfriend.

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Ryan’s father reported a case about not hearing from his son but when the police reached the house they found Heather Quan dead however Ryan Waller was surprisingly still alive despite being shot.

As the robbers anticipated that both lovers were dead, the boyfriend survived the injuries but instead of police rushing him to the hospital, they started interrogating him as the potential shooter of his girlfriend.

The police officers reportedly couldn’t believe Ryan’s story as they claimed he couldn’t have survived being shot in the eye but later believed him.

Ryan Waller
Ryan Waller

Is Ryan Waller dead or alive?

The injuries Ryan Waller suffered eventually led to his death. The bullet had torn a chunk of Waller’s skull and punctured his sinus, bone, brain and the meal was slowly penetrating his brain.

He went blind and depended on his parents for the rest of his life. Ryan Waller died from a seizure that was related to the injuries from the shooting.

Ryan Waller
Ryan Waller

Ryan Waller’s family update

The family of Ryan Waller had to close the chapter of their beloved son and the heartbreaking story sparked national attention as many people accused the police of refusing to treat Ryan Waller’s case as a matter of urgency after they arrived at the house.

There were no reports of lawsuits from Ryan Waller’s parents. They posted a video on YouTube that had details of the case. The incident however led to the establishment of Heather’s Law in Arizona.

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