SAD: Kumawood actor Long Face now cripple over Juju (+ Video

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Confirmed information reaching Realest Blogger of fame has it that actor Long Face of Kumawood Films is now crippled or better still unable to walk – bedridden.

The ailing actor speaking to Quoo Fante said from what he has gathered from a priest, juju is at work. That is to say, someone in the movie industry is working against him.

Per the narration, Long Face collapsed at an event he went together with a couple of friends last Saturday evening.

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Long Face and friends upon reaching the venue for their event which was a hangout, the MC who was running the show was doing a bad job.

So being good at it, Long Face’s friends called on him to go and take over from the wack MC. Initially, he resisted but later went on stage to take the microphone. He started to do his thing.

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Fast forward, Long Face collapsed and was rushed home. He was sent to a herbalist the next day and since has been on traditional methods to cure the sickness.

Watch the interview below;

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