Sad: Lady Selling Kayamata Products Reveals How A Deaf And Dumb Girl Snatched Her Husband And Is Now Pregnant For Him

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A lady has unintentionally disclosed how useless Kayamanta products are.

For those who don’t know what it is; Kayanmata” originated from the Northern part of Nigeria. It refers to herbs or potions that act as sex or love enhancers for couples. The products have been trending on social media as the merchants openly advertise them and also post their clients’ testimonies on the efficacy.

Taking to Facebook, the lady narrated how her husband was snatched despite using Kayamata products to keep him to herself.

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She wrote;

Salamu Alaikum IQRA, please help me with this issues before it escalate. Hide my identity too please. We live in our own house and we give free pipe water every weekend so people do come and fetch some. There was this beautiful deaf and dumb lady who cokes to fetch the water and my husband play with her a lot. I knew it was just fun when he talks to her with sign languages and we all, with some of the people who come to fetch water laugh about it. Little did I know that my husband is secretly having an affair with the lady. Now the lady is pregnant and my husband has travelled for 2 weeks this and the family came to me yesterday secretly that their daughter is pregnant ad she says my husband is responsible. I was shocked and couldn’t move for a minute, so I had to give a seat and listen to them more. I asked the family to ask the lady what shows my husband is responsible and IQRA, I had the shock of my entire life though I’m still alive and don’t know if I’ll ever have that kind of shock in future. They asked her her and the lady keep pointing our 3 in1 sofa and and the family told me the evidence is there she says. They asked her to show them, IQRA, it was some 2 handkerchief’s and pant😭, you could see that the handkerchief’s was used to wiped some something sticky. I didn’t say a word but begged them to keep it between us because they know how my husband is respected in this community. I assured them I’ll talk to my husband and get back to them by Friday. IQRA, u haven’t called my husband yet, I’m boiling and if I do, it’ll be serious between us😭. We spoke today but I didn’t tell him anything and waiting for him to return. Please IQRA, advice me before I do something stupid in my marriage. IQRA, I have all the qualities every man wish in a wife and I sell kanyamaata so you can imagine how I taste😭. I do everything to make sure this marriage work but this is a big disgrace to the family. Please post it for me and let my brothers and sisters advice me on what to do because I’m very emotional right now and a lot is going on in my mind IQRA 😭. Notify me when posted to read comments may be that will calm me down. Please IQRA, I haven’t discussed it with any member of the family too, is it okay please? Thank you IQRA. May Allah bless you for everything you have be doing for the ummah.

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