Safo Kantanka Jr’s Mother Makes Deep Revelations About Him + Video

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Today happened to be the birthday of Safo Kantanka Jr, the son of the Ghanaian car manufacturer. During the grand birthday celebration, his mother made deep revelations about prophecies that were given to her concerning her son.

She begun by speaking about how even after 35 years, the success of her son was not much of a surprise to her. According to Mrs. Kantanka, the only thing that baffles her is that she never expected the prophecy about her son to be fulfilled in such a glorious manner.

“Before I gave birth to my son, Kwadwo Nana Akofena I, his father had already prophesied. The first day he met me, he didn’t go like ‘Oh you are a nice lady and I want to be your husband’ or something. The first thing he said to me was, ‘You are the one who is going to give birth to that son who is going to inherit me. And that son will even be older than me spiritually.’ That’s what the father said,” narrated Mrs Kantanka.

“Ever since I gave birth to him, I have never regretted giving birth to him. As a child, he grew up in wisdom and stature. He was always unique among his peers and siblings as well,” she added.

She concluded her speech by encouraging all those present at the party to support only the original Kantanka and never the fake as others claim to be original, but are not. To buttress this, she made reference to the Christian song, ‘All other gods’.


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