Samini Reacts To Prophet Badu Kobi’s Tribal Comments

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Veteran Dancehall/Reggae musician Samini has described comments made by Prophet Badu Kobi as unfortunate when he sparked ethnocentric comments over the weekend.

The popular man of God incurred the wrath of Ghanaians when he described Ashanti women as ungrateful, greedy, among other derogatory words.

He also blasted Fantes and Ewe women for being stupid and pushovers respectively. Read more…

Reacting to this, Samini said he finds it hard to understand why a man of God will go to that level to make such a statement. According to him, it’s unforgivable for a man of God to use his ‘high’ platform to spew gibberish like that.

He said:

“That’s his opinion and freedom of speech now has become easy because of social media. But excuse me to say, it’s an unfortunate statement, he didn’t speak well.

Because it’s not his place to show which tribe one should marry from and which tribe one should not marry from. How does he read the bible and where is he leading us to?

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If something comes up in your mind, he should at least discuss it with his immediate people, so that, he would be thought some sense.”

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