Sarkodie Everywhere! What I Think About His Free Press-Chris Handler

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Ever since Sarkodie released this new mixtape “Free Press” it’s sparked a whole lot os controversies across all the media platforms especially on Radio and Several Blogs across the country.

In the said mixtape, where Sarkodie spoke his mind on what he thinks of the Ghanaian media. He complained about how the Ghanaian media are not supporting the works of the artistes, citing an example of when he went to the BET to pick an award and there was no Ghanaian media there to cover it all up. I do not want to talk about he said in his song, because i believe by now you’ve already heard the song and very aware of the content and it’s lyrical composure.

I took conscious time to listen to the song as many times i could and paid attention to every lyric in the song, and thus decided to put up this piece on what i think about it.

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Honestly if you ask me, i would say Sarkodie said some truth but  did some wrong  not because i am in the media too, but am looking at it without being subjective on the matter.

He raised the need for Ghanaian media to follow him to the BET. Yes, we can all follow him, but at who’s expense? Do you know how much the BET tickets alone costs, not to talk of Visa fee, Tickets, hotel accommodation, food? No one can follow any artiste to international stages not knowing where they will get the money to pay all those bills from. In the end music is not charity. Did you see TMZ or E! or any international media following Chris Brown when he came to perform in Ghana? Noo, they relied on reports made here in Ghana to post on their blogs about it or that of the celebrity’s own publicist. Sarkodie should not have the impression that, it is the duty of the media to follow him wherever he goes, it’s a matter of discretion for any media house to do that unless they are getting funding from somewhere or they have their own interest in doing that. Each time he does a show or something here in Ghana, the media follows him because, the costs involved is not that much like following him to BET. And in any case, does his manger Sammy Forson not work at YFM? Did he convince his outfit to follow Sarkodie to BET? If he did, what was the response and yet he supports what he said about the media not helping. If he knows it’s not “Nku” that is used to pay the costs of shooting a music video, am sure he also knows it’s not “Nku” that is used to pay for flights. Sarkodie is a huge artiste and the best we have now, no doubt about that but that does not been he should be ungrateful for the little help he’s recieved from us. If not for anything, we publish him always, making him trend in Google for other countries to keep wondering who he is and find out more about him, if we do the same for Ex-Doe am sure by now, he would also be still that big.

Another issue of concern is what he talked about the need of some journalists or media guys moving on to the next level by hosting a show on MTV or say BBC. It was wrong of him to have said that, because there are lots of personalities who can easily get a job at any international outfit. It sounded like he was promoting Brain Drain. If all of our media guys fly out of the country to work at this international firms, who would report or promote him here in Ghana. It was a selfish statement by him in that song to have said that, because he was thinking about himself. He wants someone to be there to interview him when he travels outside. It’s good to have your own outside to host you when you travel, but then he could have said it in a way that wouldn’t have sounded offensive. Who says Kwaku Baako, Kwesi Pratt, Bola Ray, KOD all cannot decide to leave the country and work at these institutions. Working outside, is an issue of personal interests and believes, i know he did not mention any names, but then once he generalised it, affects everybody. Can’t his manager also apply for a job there, am sure he can because Sammy Forson is well educated, but he loves it here.

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We have a huge problem as Ghanaians and Africans, and that is why we are not getting anywhere, we hate criticisms, and the moment you criticise someone, then it means you hate them. Look at our leaders, when they are doing the wrong thing and you talk about it, their other party members will yell insults at you knowing perfectly well that, this time their leader has not done the wrong thing, but in the name of i am in Party A so everything Party A does is Good and should be accepted. I believe in sensible criticism, but i welcome all of them, and one thing as a celebrity you must know is that, people will always criticise you and so you should be ready for it. People will always share their sentiments about what they think about you, its up to you to decide on how best to manage it.

In conclusion, no one hates Sarkodie, we love him, he is a good artiste and that is an undeniable fact, he should stop thinking of getting everything free and pay, Jay Z, Rihanna and all the world supastars pay money for their publicities, music is not charity, we bought his clothes no matter how expensive they were, so he should pay for at least one media guy to cover him up and stop complaining, everyone has struggled and there are people who are still struggling and have bitter stories than his. He should not let fame get too much into his head and accept that he did wrong in some way. As for me, i do not need any apology from him, because i am not offended in any way personally, such is life, shit happens, we talk our minds and move on. He has not organised any free party for any blogger or media guys before but 4syte Tv hosts him more than any celeb. Being given a BET does not change the hardship we face in Ghana, it is a national achievement but a more personal one, his other love Shatta Wale and Family members did not even follow him, how much more than media guys. There are more better ways to get that problem solved, i believe in dialogue, he could plead with the media rather what he did. Afterall, he gets paid by doing his work, music, even if it’s not that huge as he wants.

I have said mine, and i might write on this again, the comment box is below, just talk your mind as well.


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