Sarkodie Goes ‘Gangsta’, Gets ‘Gold Teeth’ And Shows It Off In New Video

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Ghana’s finest rapper has gone a bit ‘gangsta’ with his new set of gold teeth. Sarkodie in a new video has been seen wearing a ‘Gold Teeth’.

It’s rare to see Sarkodie wearing artificial Gold teeth but he’s given it a try and it does not look bad on his teeth at all. We don’t know if someone gave it to him as a gift or he bought it himself to use it once in a while to bring out that ‘bad boy’ in him.

For the genre of music he does, it’s normal to see musicians like him wear gold teeth just to show off.  We’ve seen celebrities like Criss Waddle and Shatta Wale also rock gold teeth in the past and now the king has joined.

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We don’t know how long he would be keeping them on. Watch the video below to see it.

Watch the first video below:

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Watch the second video below:



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